Hey, you have not forgotten to set the clock for daylight saving? We lose an hour :( Have ordered a bag from ZARA I get next week, I look at Zaras website and there was not the case anymore, luckily I had time to order!



HAVE NOT PUT DOWN THE BLOG! I have been extremely busy now with school, and other things.

Coming back soon



Hi, has much to do right now! Three tests this week, I will update if I find time, we'll see. Could mention that there is an English test is approaching, I hope it goes well!


Right now..

I started sewing on my confirmation dress, could say that I have not gotten that far yet so I can tell you how it goes. Hope it will be good and that I can do it at all!



I'm going to cut me in a week. I do not like to cut me, just want the hair to grow. But my hair is so worn out! Want this bohemian hair like Mary Kate's hair. If I'm honest, I like Miley Cyrus hair. Haha ...