dream hair

In fact this dream hair for sure! Too bad you can not have a place like the hair itself, but I need to fix it in about 1 hour ... Who can it?



Photo: Madeleine Sofie

Know that I am nearly well =) so I'm starting to update more "normal" next week!



Okay, so here it is. I'm still sick and it has affected blogging. But I'm on the mend, I hope I can go to school tomorrow. It is disappointing to sit home alone all day!


The day with big D!

Yep! Today is my birthday, all of 15 years. However, I could have felt better. But it is what it is ..

Yes, I do know the pictures are charming!



It's been a bit bad update, because I've been sick. Or I am .. Typical me to get sick the day before my birthday!



I love this type of floral design. The floral trousers will cost 365 USD. Does anyone know where to get hold of some similar pants for a better price?

make it simple

I was tired today, so just took me a shirt from MONKI. With hair that I had not been fixed and with an unflinching face, I went to my sister!

Stockholm streetstyle



lace and beige

jacket from H&M
shirt from H&M
leggins from Vero Moda
I love this outfit! It is simple and stylish. Suitable for everyday life and later in the evening. Also fits a pair of black boots.



Jacket from ACNE
Denna jackan står högt på min lista. Helt perfekt. Såg när Elin Kling bar den, vilken  inspiration tjejen ger!

I would really like to have this jacket .. Perfect for spring. I think you can match the jacket a bit how you want. But somewhat tight at the waist with a loose top, would be nice!


alexander wang

I read on a blog that the collection is reminiscent of acne, it does. When you think about it. But it does not matter because it's really nice!

A street, the street

 Ååh, vad migrän är jobbigt, har aldrig haft det förut! Hoppas att jag kan vara frisk imorgon som vanligt igen. Ni flesta vet nog redan att Elin Kling ska designa för H&M? Väldigt stilrena kläder, som är kreativt skapade tycker jag. Utav det jag har sett, så tycker jag att de flesta kläderna passar mer till kvällen. Kanske om man går till någon fin restaurang? Då kan man dra på något utav hennes klassiska smak.

My migraine is killing me! I hope I may soon be back on his feet, and continue with my everyday life. Elin Kling is supposed to design for H & M Near You! At first I thought not on it when I saw it on facebook, for her previous joke on April 1 that she would actually be designing for H & M, was a little disappointed haha .. Must take a pain killer now to mitigate the headaches. Here you get a blurry picture that was taken at 6 o'clock on the streets of Malmö!