so jealous of her, and she's ten..

Let's make August the best month of the year

Have spent every single day with family and friends, totally sick how time can go so fast. Trying to pep myself in school, important important! But try not to think about it because it's only summer once a year.

Now it's three weeks left of summer vacation 2011th Let us not be depressed over it, but let's make it the best time of 2011!



I have not had time to write anything here in a long time, has been busy with the move. Moves to the heart of Malmö's Old West! But today we have moved, now it is just and unpack stuff and buy some new. Here is a small picture of the style we have in the apartment.

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Here comes the sun

Photos by me

It has been sunny all week here in Malmö! You really feel that summer is here. Will spend my days as I have done in the rest out of days in the sun.

Do not forget sunscreen! I did ...



Hello, had some free time. Since I never update, I figured do it now .. Anyway, the reason why I have time is because I made ​​the math test at 8 am, and I will not start until 10 o'clock. It will probably be very crowded on Fridays now because they have been paid, ugh .. I get bulking try to make the best out there!
picture of my beloved converse


Friday Every Day

The first day on Fridays is over. I practiced there with one called MIRA, we may do quite a lot. We do almost everything except cook and take orders, it is still very tough. I fall asleep immediately when I got home! But when lunch comes and you get to choose what you want on the menu, then it's worth it!


Make it simple

Sol 18 + degrees, lovely! A part of my large family will be here soon. Easter Eggs on the menu. Yeeeees!

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right after school I went to h&m to get me something from the Conscious Collection home. The crocheted shorts were on the list, but I went to 2 h&m and they were not there, you could say I was rather disappointed. It was an impulse buy instead, shorts and tank top came home to me!

(the shorts and the tank top is not what I bought!)



Har skaffat blogpress nu, AWSOME!!!

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Hey, you have not forgotten to set the clock for daylight saving? We lose an hour :( Have ordered a bag from ZARA I get next week, I look at Zaras website and there was not the case anymore, luckily I had time to order!



HAVE NOT PUT DOWN THE BLOG! I have been extremely busy now with school, and other things.

Coming back soon



Hi, has much to do right now! Three tests this week, I will update if I find time, we'll see. Could mention that there is an English test is approaching, I hope it goes well!


Right now..

I started sewing on my confirmation dress, could say that I have not gotten that far yet so I can tell you how it goes. Hope it will be good and that I can do it at all!



I'm going to cut me in a week. I do not like to cut me, just want the hair to grow. But my hair is so worn out! Want this bohemian hair like Mary Kate's hair. If I'm honest, I like Miley Cyrus hair. Haha ...


My soul cries over you

HA-HA funny picture, yeah...
Thought update me a bit, so now I update, yep .. As you can see, my inspiration box empty. I hope that inspiration will come back on Sunday!


The silver pants-Silverbyxan


 Damn it! The shoes are lovely. Fast is so damn sad that I am not a designer! For, a few months ago (if not much further back), I thought almost exactly on if they could not create this kind of shoe. But it was certainly someone who came up with this design for this shoe for 10 years ago, I think ...